Mounted EVCC-DDP-101

When using electric products, basic precautions should always be taken. The installation must be installed by a qualified electrician and in accordance with all local electrical codes and ordinances.

Be sure to set the circuit breaker of the charging station the EVCC will be controlling (likely at the service panel) to the OFF position during the installation process. Do not restore power to the outlet until installation is complete. Failure to follow these instructions could result in shock or electrocution.

With the proper tools in hand, the installation process will take between 30 to 45 minutes when using the proper tools.

Installation should be performed by a qualified electrician.

What's Included

1 x EVCC Dual Port Pro Unit. The EVCC device will monitor, control and allow access of up to two ClipperCreek charging stations equipped with a COSMOS controller card.
1 x CAT6 Shielded Ethernet Coupler. The Ethernet Coupler will join the CAT6 Ethernet cable of the EVCC with the incoming Ethernet cable responsible for the Internet connection. It will not be needed if WiFi is used for the Internet connection instead.
2 x Current Transformer. The CTs are responsible for measuring the amperage use of each charging station and will be connected to one leg of the line in of the input power.
2 x Serial Cable Connector Cable. This connector/wire will provide a simple disconnect method of the serial communication cables.
1 x 1in Power Whip Lock-nut. This lock-nut is needed to fasten the power whip conduit fitting to the pedestal or junction box.

Needed Parts

4 x #10 or #12 pan head stainless steel sheet metal mounting screws. These screws will be needed if you intend to mount the EVCC to a post, pedestal, or wooden wall.
6 x 6-12 AWG Wire Nuts. The wire nuts will connect the source power of each charger with the EVCC's Power 1 and Power 2 cables that are responsible for measuring the voltage and powering the EVCC.

NOTE: There already may be the needed wire nuts available that connect the source power to the charger if the EVCC is being installed on an existing charger installation. Be sure that the nuts can support an additional 16 AWG wire.

Needed Tools

Hammer Drill. Needed for drilling starter holes for mounting screws and/or a 1in hole for EVCC wire access through the pedestal.
Level. You'll need a level to insure the EVCC is properly leveled.
Phillips-head Screwdriver. You'll need a Phillips-head screwdriver or drill bit to fasten the mounting screws. If using a drill bit. be sure to use a torque limiting drill as not to break the screw.
1in Stepped Drill Bit. The stepped bit is necessary if mounting the EVCC to a pedestal and there is not a 1in knockout hole available.
Wood or Metal Type Drill bit. This will be used to make a starter hole for the mounting screws. Be sure to obtain the proper sized bit which should be smaller than the diameter of the screw threads.
Heat Gun. The heat gun is needed to shrink the wire couplers for fastening the CTs to the CT cable extending from the EVCC.
Pencil. This will be needed to draw the location of the screw holes.
Wire Stripper and Crimper. This will be used to strip the various wires and to crimp the wire couplers for the CT connections.
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