Installation - Current Transformer Connections

In order to monitor the amperage of the charging stations during a charging session the EVCC includes 2 (one for each charger) accurate current transformers (CTs). Each CT will be wrapped around 1 of the 2 source power wires (ie: L1) of each of the charging stations.

These CTs come detached from the EVCC CT wires because the CTs will not fit through the 1 inch knockout hole of the pedestal. The CT wires are feed through the pedestal hole, then the CTs can be attached inside the pedestal via the included wire shrink-wrap couplers.

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to attach the CTs to the EVCC's CT wires.
The EVCC wires should already be feed through the pedestal knockout. Find one of the two included CTs and feed the black wire of the CT through to the black wire of the EVCC's CT 1 black wire coupler. Be sure it is all-the-way inserted into the coupler. With the wire crimper tool, crimp the coupler to fasten the wire. Repeat this step with the red CT wire connected to the white wire of the EVCC CT 1.

Repeat this entire step with the CT 2 wires.

Be sure the CT wires are twisted as shown in this image. Twisting the wires reduces interference potential to the CT readings.
Use the heat gun to heat up the shrink-wrap of the couplers to complete the connection.

NOTE: it is very important to ensure these are solid connections. Otherwise the CT reads could be inaccurate.
Open the side latch of the CT 1 CT. Wrap the CT around the L1 power source wire (typically white) of charger 1.

Be sure that the side of the writing of the CT is facing the side of the source power INPUT direction. Reversing this direction will render the CT inoperable.

Repeat this entire step for CT 2.
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