Installation - Ethernet Connection

In order to communicate with the Internet, the EVCC needs a valid Ethernet or WiFi connection to be established. The most reliable connection type is Ethernet and is preferred. If Ethernet (CAT6 cable) is not available in the pedestal, skip this step and use the WiFi capability of the EVCC instead.

NOTE: If the Ethernet connection is used, the EVCC will connect to the Internet automatically if DHCP is enabled on the router.

WiFi connectivity setup is discussed in the Setup section of this guide.

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to connect the pedestal side CAT6 Ethernet cable to the EVCC side Ethernet cable.
Locate the included CAT6 Ethernet coupler.
Connect the pedestal side Ethernet cable to one side of the coupler, then connect the EVCC side Ethernet cable to the other side of the coupler.
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