Installation - Power Connections

In order to power the EVCC and monitor the voltages of the two ClipperCreek chargers during a charging session, the two EVCC power cables and associated wires must be connected to the source power wires of each charger. This section describes the steps necessary to feed all of the EVCC whip wires (power, communication, CT) through a 1 inch knockout or drilled out hole in the pedestal. In addition, it describes how to connect the EVCC Power 1 and Power 2 wires (L1, L2, Ground) to the 208-240v source power wires already available in the pedestal.

NOTE: Be sure to check with local electrical code to unsure proper mounting distance from the ground to the bottom of the EVCC and wiring whip.

WARNING: Be sure to turn off the circuit breaker that powers the charger source power cables. Not doing so could result in electrical shock and serous injury or death.

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to feed all the EVCC whip wires through the pedestal knockout and connect its power wires to the source power wires of each charger.

NOTE: To access the internal wiring of the pedestal, the back panel should be unscrewed (#10 Torx screws) and partially removed temporarily while the EVCC is installed.
Using the wire stripper, strip the wire insulation about 3/4 of an inch from the top of each of the EVCC power wire cables (marked power 1 and power 2).
Note the 1 inch knockout on the pedestal. This can be used to feed and connect the EVCC whip to the pedestal. If the knockout is not positioned optimally, use the hammer drill and 1 inch stepped bit to bore a 1 inch hole in the optimal location.

Be sure not to cut the hole near any wires internal to the pedestal.
At the end of the EVCC wire whip, there is a 1 inch conduit fitting attached. First, remove the fitting nut screwed to the end of the fitting. Then, feed all of the EVCC wires through the pedestal knockout. From there, position conduit fitting through the knockout. Inside the pedestal, slide the nut back through the wires and twist it tight back onto the threading of the conduit fitting to fasten the whip to the pedestal.
Inside the pedestal, there will be a source power connection (3 x 8-10 AWG) to charger 1 and charger 2. There will likely be wire nuts connecting the source power wires to the charger wires. Starting with the charger 1 connection, remove the wire nut attached to the ground wire (typically green), then find the EVCC Power 1 ground wire (green) and re-attach the wire nut to the ends of the three ground wires (source, charger, EVCC). Be sure that the wire nut can support an additional 16 AWG wire, otherwise use a 6-12 AWG wire nut. Repeat this step for the charger 1 L1 wire (typically white) and L2 wire (typically black). Then, repeat these steps again for the charger 2 wiring.
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