Installation - Serial Communications Connection

In order to control the ClipperCreek charger, the EVCC is equipped with a serial communication-based connection for each charger.

The ClipperCreek side of the included connector needs to be attached to the serial cable that extrudes form the ClipperCreek unit. This will allow for a quick connect/disconnect of the cable to the EVCC.

This connection can easily be disconnected so that if the charger needs to be serviced, the cable can easily be disconnected.

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to attach the included charger side connector cable to the charger serial cable.
Find the male side of the serial cable connector included with the EVCC. Pry the wires away from each other a couple of inches so there is room the strip some of the insulation away on each wire (black, green, red, blue).

Using the wire stripper, strip away about 1/4 inch of the insulation of each wire.
Find the grey Comm serial cable on the charger side and strip the insulation away about 1/4 inch on the black, orange, red, and yellow wires.

Use a wire coupler (or other method) to fasten the EVCC male serial cable connector to the charger side serial wires. Be sure to match up the wire colors according to the image (green -> black, black -> orange, red -> red, blue -> yellow).

Repeat this step with the Comm 2 connections.

Be sure these wire are connected according to the above instructions, otherwise the communication will fail.
Find the charger 1 male side (charger side) and the female side (Comm 1 - EVCC side) of the serial connectors and snap them together to complete the connection.

Repeat this step for charger 2.
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