Safety Information

This section contains safety instructions and warnings that must be followed when installing and maintaining the EVCC. Please read through this important safety information in its entirety prior to installing or operating the unit.
The EVCC must be grounded through a permanent wiring system or an equipment grounding conductor.
Do not use the EVCC if it is defective, appears cracked, frayed, broken, or otherwise damaged, or fails to operate.
Never spray water or any other liquid directly at the EVCC enclosure. Never spray any liquid onto the unit or submerge it in liquid.
Do not use this product if the enclosure, cracked, open, or shows any other indication of damage.
The information provided in this guide in no way exempts the user from responsibility to follow all applicable local and national codes and safety standards.
Do not install in the presence of children.
Use of proper personal protection equipment, including, but not limited to eye protection, shock protection, gloves, and other appropriate protection, is recommended when installing or servicing any electrical equipment.
Turn off input power at the circuit breaker before installing, maintaining, or cleaning the EVCC.
Do not attempt to disassemble, repair, tamper with, or modify the EVCC. The EVCC is not user serviceable. Contact Ampedup! Networks for any repairs or modification.
Do not operate the EVCC in temperatures outside its operating range of -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)
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