In order to get the EVCC connected to the AmpedUp! Networks charging station management system (CSMS), it must first be connected to the Internet. It will then automatically register itself with the system. The device then needs to be added to an AmpedUp! Networks Charging Station Operator (CSO) account. Once added to the account, the EVCC can be set up to perform charging sessions via the AmpedUp! Networks EV Driver application.

After creating a new AmpedUp! CSO account, adding the EVCC to the account and connecting it to the Internet are the next steps. If the Ethernet connection is used, the EVCC will have already registered itself with the CSMS. If WiFi is used, another step is necessary to provision the WiFi on the device. This can be accomplished using the AmpedUp! Networks CSO app.

The following sections describe the steps necessary to add the EVCC/charger to a CSO account, then provision the WiFi connection.

Download the CSO App

With your phone or desktop browser go to Here you will find the AmpedUp! Networks Sign In landing page. From here you can download the CSO app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. You can also sign into your CSO account or create a new one using the browser directly from this page.

Note: This is also the landing page for your customers (EV drivers) to sign into or download the EV Driver app.
For the purposes of this documentation, choose the Google Play Store download link and install the AmpedUp! Networks CSO app.

If you're using an iPhone, choose the App Store download link. The screens in the following sections will be based on an Android device, but will be very similar to those viewed on an iPhone.
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