The Usage topic of this guide covers how to set up the AmpedUp! Networks EV Driver app for the purpose of completing a charging session using the previously configured EVCC.

The following sections describe how to create a new EV Driver account, add a vehicle and a charger (EVCC) to the account, then perform a charging session using the newly added charger.

Note: There are two ways to add a charger to an EV Driver account. One is where the driver needing a charge "owns" the charger, the other is by finding and "favoriting" it as a public charger. For the purpose of this documentation, the charger will be added as "Owned".

Note: There is much more functionality in both the AmpedUp! Networks CSO and EV Driver apps not covered in this section. Feel free to explore each app beyond the instructions of this guide.

Follow These Steps

With your phone or desktop browser go to Here you will find the AmpedUp! Networks Sign In landing page. From here you can download the EV Driver app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. You can also sign into your EV Driver account or create a new one using the browser directly from this page.

Note: This is also the landing page for the CSO to sign into or download the CSO app.
For the purposes of this documentation, choose the Google Play Store download link and install the AmpedUp! Networks EV Driver app.

If you're using an iPhone, choose the App Store download link instead. The screens in the following sections will be based on an Android device, but will be very similar to those viewed on an iPhone.
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