Usage - Create an EV Driver Account

The next step in charging your vehicle is creating an EV Driver account. You've already created a CSO account and set up the EVCC. Now, as an EV Driver, you can start a charging session by adding the charger (EVCC) to your EV Driver account.

After you've downloaded onto your mobile device and launched the app, you'll be able to easily and quickly create an account.

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to create a new AmpedUp! EV Driver account.
Launch the AmpedUp! Networks EV Driver app from your mobile device. You will be greeted with the Sign in screen. From here, press the Sign-in button to proceed.
From the Sign-in screen, choose the Sign Up Now button to create a new EV Driver account.
From the Create New Account screen, populate the requested information and press the Create button.
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