Thank you for purchasing an AmpedUp! Neworks Electric Vehicle Charger Controller (EVCC). With this device, you can turn an unmanaged charger into a smart one. You can now monitor, control, and earn revenue on your charging stations without a major upfront investment.

Installation and setup is straightforward and can be accomplished in under an hour provided the proper tools are available.

Installation should be performed by a qualified electrician.

The EVCC Dual Port Pro charger controller (supports two chargers independently) will allow the EV driver to start charging quickly by simply scanning the charger ID QR code found on the charger while enabling the host to earn revenue for its use. This small 8 x 6 professional unit is positioned in plain view for EV driver interaction.

The EVCC-DPP-101-CCE model is specifically designed for the ClipperCreek line of chargers that include the COSMOS controller unit.

This installation and user guide will describe in detail all aspects of the installation and use of the EVCC. Please take a few minutes to read through the documentation paying particular attention to the safety information. This unit excepts high-voltage input for meter reading and safety is of utmost importance.
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