Providing advanced, flexible solutions for EV charging station hosts
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Delivering expertise in charging station infrastructure installation management
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Offering industry leading, unique and hassle-free payment options
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Custom designed EVSE cable management systems for commercial use
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We Have Apps for That
The AmpedUp! Charging Station Management System (CSMS) includes a full-featured iOS and Android app for your EV Driver customers. The app allows the driver to find your stations, view charger features, driver comments, and pricing. You can easily configure different pricing for your members. The app also supports coupons, wait queues, reservations, scheduling, and much more.
Wait Queues
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Manage your Chargers
As a property manager, you can view the status and manage your charging stations with the AmpedUp! Networks Charging Station Operator (CSO) web portal which is also available as an iOS or Android app. Here you can control every aspect of your stations and view detailed reports.
Variable Pricing
Power Management
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If you need to manage your charging stations, download the app.
Interested in Controlling Your
Unmanaged EV Chargers?
We make "dumb" chargers smart.
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