Charger Setup - Connect a Charger via WiFi

Note: This section applies to chargers displaying the AmpedUp! Inside logo only.

If your charger does not display this logo, refer to the instructions that came with your charger to connect it to the Internet. Then, to skip this section and advance to the next steps, choose the Next button on the bottom of this page.

Now that your charger has been added, it's time to ensure it's connected to the Internet. On the Chargers screen, if the charger is displaying an offline status (gray circular icon), it will need to be connected to the Internet before any charging can take place.

If the charger is connected via Ethernet cable, the status icon should be green indicating it's on-line. If it's gray, the device will need to be connected via the WiFi provisioning process.

There are a few requirements to connect your charger via WiFi:

  1. You'll need the Android or iPhone AmpedUp! Networks app. You will not be able to provision the WiFi using a browser.
  2. The Bluetooth radio will need to be enabled on your mobile device.
  3. You'll need to be about 15 feet or closer from the charger during the WiFi provisioning process.
  4. There must be a strong WiFi signal near the charger.
  5. You'll need the access credentials of the WiFi network to which the charger will be connected.

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to connect the charger via the WiFi provisioning process.
From the Chargers screen of the AmpedUp! Networks CSO app, press the ellipse icon on the right side of the charger to connect. Press the Network icon in the tool bar.

Note: If the charger is already online, the Network icon will not be displayed.
Once the Network icon is selected, the Set up WiFi screen will be displayed. The app will search for, via Bluetooth, the charger to connect to.
Once located, the screen will display a WiFi Access Point (WAP) list and the WiFi password entry field.

Choose the appropriate WAP and enter the password of the selected WiFi access point, then choose the Connect button.
In a few seconds, the charger should return a "Successfully Connected" message and connect to the WiFi and then to the Internet. The process will also return the IP address of the charger and access to the chargers firmware administration interface. Keep note of the IP address for access later.

Note: You can select the IP address link to open the administrative interface to the charger firmware. Or, you can access the interface via any browser on the WiFi network by entering the IP address in the address bar of the browser (ie: "http://<ipaddress>").

The default username and password to the charger firmware is:
U: system_owner
P: YX4EPCk9x
Press the Done button to jump to the Edit Charger Properties screen. It may be necessary to enable the charger to make it available. You can do so by pressing the Enable Charger toggle button.

Be sure to press the Save button. You'll then be returned to the Chargers screen.
Now, the charger's status icon should display green for "online".
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