Get Charging - Add an Owned Charger

The last step to performing a charging session is to add your "owned" charger to the account.

Note: The AmpedUp! Networks CSO app along EV Driver app is needed for this process.

Note: Owned chargers are permanent chargers that, once added, stay available within the account. Owned chargers stay at the top of the Favorites list for quick and easy access to the station when you enter the application.

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to add your owned charger to your EV Driver account.
As noted in the previous step, once a vehicle has been added you'll be automatically brought to the Charging screen. Since no charger has been selected or added. an option screen will be displayed.

From here, press the Add Owned Charger button,
From the Owned Chargers screen press the Add Owned Charger button (plus button) on the bottom of the screen.
Note the instructions that appear in the Add Owned Charger dialog. Prior to pressing the Add button in this dialog, open up the AmpedUp! Networks CSO app. You'll return to this screen in a moment after capturing the token generated from the CSO app.
From the CSO app, go to the Chargers screen and press the ellipse button (3 vertical dots) on the right of the recently added charger record. From there, choose the Share Charger icon.
From the Share Charger screen, press the Generate Token button, then take note of the token number provided

Note: Holding down on the token number will highlight it where you can then copy it to the clipboard).
Return to the EV Driver app and enter or copy the token number into the Enter Token field, then press the Add button.
The charger is now added to the EV Driver account permanently. Press the Back arrow to go to the My Chargers > Favorites screen where the owned charger will appear at the top of the list.
From the My Chargers > Favorites screen, press the Charge Now button.
From the Charging page, you can now plug in the charger connector, then press the Start Now button to begin a charging session.
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