Charger Setup - Create a CSO Account

The first step in getting your charger online and ready to manage charging is to create an AmpedUp! Networks CSO account.

After you've downloaded and launched the CSO app, you'll be able to easily and quickly create an account.

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to create a new AmpedUp! CSO account.
Launch the AmpedUp! Networks CSO app from your mobile device. You will be greeted with the Sign in screen. From here, press the Sign-in button to proceed.
From the Sign-in screen, choose the Sign Up Now button to create a new CSO account.
From the Create New Account screen, populate the requested information and press the Create button.
You will be introduced to a screen requesting the type of new account you'd like to create. Press the Create CSO Account button.

Note: the Referred by a CSO account section is for AmpedUp! Networks Enterprise subscription accounts that allow new users to be added to an existing CSO account.
The last step to creating a new account is to enter your company information. If there is no company, enter your name and home address instead.

Press the Save button to compete the process.
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