Let us guide you through the full cycle of your charger implementation

Charger Integration Consulting Services

Navigating and managing the myriad of touch-points related to EV charger installations can be complex. AmpedUp! can help.
EVSE Equipment Choices

We will make recommendations for EVSE equipment and infrastructure that will be needed for both short term and long term planning, determined by:

  • Duration drivers typically stay at the location
  • Surrounding attractions (ie: convenience store, restaurant, hotel, etc)
  • Volume of traffic
  • Surrounding demographics
  • EVSE Price, Durability, Support and Certifications
Electric Utility

On your behalf, we will work with the applicable electric utility company to ensure your setup complies with the utility’s demand/response and charging session reporting requirements. We will apply to the applicable programs and configure the AmpedUp! Networks backend to facilitate those requirements set by the utility. Utilities typically provide better rates for customers that comply with these programs.

Incentive Programs

Your company will be assigned a dedicated AmpedUp! Networks specialist responsible for the investigation and application process of all local, state, federal government and electric utility company incentive and rebate programs in the area.


AmpedUp! Networks will work with all necessary contractors including architects, electricians, site workers, and engineers to ensure smooth and proper infrastructure accommodations.

AmpedUp! Backend Configuration

No EVSE solution is complete without a robust and powerful backend. The AmpedUp! Charging Station Management System (CSMS) is intuitive and simple to operate. Although we can manage the entire configuration and management of the system in an outsourced model, we can also train your staff to perform all the functions within the system. Whichever you decide, we will consult with you on many aspects of the platform and help configure the following areas:

  • Location, meter group, circuit, and charging station configuration
  • Pricing policy configuration
  • Charging profiles configuration
  • Power management configuration
  • Membership and coupon configuration
  • Wait queue and reservation setup
  • On-screen advertising configuration
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