Smarten up your EV Charging...

Convert Your Unmanaged Chargers to Smart Ones

With an EVCC and the AmpedUp! Networks charging station management system (CSMS) and a minimal investment, you can have complete control over your unmanaged charging stations. Set pricing policies, monitor stations, offer memberships, wait queues, coupons, and much more. Now you can get a direct return on your charging station investment.
EVCC Dual Port Basic

The EVCC Dual Port Basic charger controller (supports two chargers independently) will allow the EV driver to start charging quickly by simply scanning the charger ID QR code while enabling the host to earn revenue for the use of the charger. This small 8 x 6 unit sits discretely neighboring the charging stations.

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EVCC Dual Port Pro

The EVCC Dual Port Pro charger controller has the same capability as the Basic model but adds a 5 inch display, RFID/NFC reader, camera and LED status lighting for full feature charger capability. The Pro is positioned in plain view for EV driver interaction.

EVCC Dual Port
Pro Decal

Customize the EVCC-DPP with your logo. The decal requires the adhesive be on the graphic side and applied inside the clear cover for a finished look.

Seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure...

AmpedUp! EVCC's are very easy to install into the infrastructure you already have.

EVCC Mounting Plate

With simple mounting options, you can place the EVCC in the most appropriate location such as inline, or attached to the pedestal or wall.

EVCC Dual Port Pro Configuration

Depending on the chosen model, you can situate the EVCC either out of site, or in easy access, plain view. Any certified electrician can connect the unit and get it up and running. There is no need for additional circuits or added electrical service. Once it's installed, the device can be added to your CSMS account in minutes by connecting to the WiFi network using the AmpedUp! CSO app. That's it!

The EVCC has a full array of features...

  • Includes AmpedUp! Inside makes use of the robust Linux-based charging stations control firmware developed by AmpedUp! Networks.
  • EV Driver Access Control supports access control via RFID fob/card or NFC (mobile device)
  • Dual Charger Control single EVCC controller supports up to two Level 2 single phase (240v) chargers per enclosure
  • OCPP Communication supports two way communication with charging station management systems (CSMS) using the industry standard protocol
  • Broad Connectivity Options connect with the CSMS using Ethernet, WiFi, or external cellular modem
  • EVSE Hardware Control talks to charger controller via standard serial communications. Supports OpenEVSE and other custom drivers
  • LED Lighting supports station illumination lighting controlled via CSMS
  • Home Automation Control use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control charging
  • Precision Power Usage Monitoring highly accurate measuring of current and voltage for billing and reporting purposes
  • Expandable Subsystems expansion headers for custom and future subsystems including: LED lights, energy meters, cameras, keypads, card readers, fingerprint scanners, displays, and more
  • WiFi or Ethernet Provisioning connects to the Internet using a simple app for WiFi provisioning, or DHCP for Ethernet
  • Self CSMS Provisioning upon connecting to the Internet, device will self register with CSMS
  • Master Node CSMS Communication only one CSMS connection is needed for the entire charging station group
  • OTA Firmware Upgradeable apply firmware updates via the CSMS via OCPP standards
  • Power Throttling shared power can be load balanced or prioritized based on defined CSMS policies or available electrical service
  • Power Fluctuation Protection reduces or terminates output if source power inconsistencies are detected
  • Nonvolatile Storage store a local list and other information for offline access control and other functions
  • Node-to-Node Communications advanced routing via WiFi, or Ethernet networks for small to large commercial installations
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