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You’ve been hearing about the impending deluge of EVs coming and the need for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Some of your customers have been inquiring about cost and how to bill their customers for electricity use. Your electrical supply house doesn’t carry much EV charger equipment and you’re unclear on where to begin. It’s time to get AmpedUp!

Join the AmpedUp! Contractors Partner Program and Gain these Valuable Benefits

Bulk discounts on charging station equipment (EVSE) - AmpedUp! purchases EVSE equipment in volume and passes bulk discounts on to you.
AmpedUp! Offers Annuity-based Revenue to Our Contractor Partners! - We are a back-end charging network provider that earns annuity-based revenue. We provide annuity-based earnings options to our partners!
Charging equipment for all customers’ needs - AmpedUp! offers a diverse range of smart (managed) EVSE equipment allowing customers to charge drivers for electricity use. Equipment we offer suits both small and large projects with varying budgets.
Keep it simple with one full service supplier - Work with AmpedUp! for equipment, installation procedures, smart charger setup, and maintenance contracts. We are a one-stop-shop supplier.
Get the job - Increase your chances of acquiring new customers by offering a full charging station and back-end management solution that earns customers revenue.
Get smart on EVSEs - If you have questions, we have answers. AmpedUp! is the go-to resource for all things EV charger hardware, installations, incentive programs, and charger management. We are happy to educate both you and your customer.
Increase the job size and revenue - By partnering with AmpedUp! we'll enlighten the customer on cost savings initiatives allowing a reprioritized budget for more charging equipment and futureproofing infrastructure.
AmpedUp! does much of the heavy lifting - Installing the chargers and required infrastructure is half the battle. AmpedUp! works with your customer on your behalf to determine the proper equipment for the property. We can work with the state, and utility companies to ensure all available EVSE incentives are applied. We can educate the customer on your behalf to ensure they have all the needed tools to monitor and control their newly installed chargers.
Skip special training and certification programs - AmpedUp! pre-configures chargers specific to your project so you don't have to. No equipment or app configuration is necessary. When you get the EVSE equipment, it's plug-and-play.
Rely on us for post-sale support - AmpedUp! performs post-sale support services including assisting the charging station host in using their AmpedUp! charger management account. For the best EV driver experience, we provide 24/7 support and a customized Help landing page via a help QR code affixed to the charger. If there is a charger outage, we'll proactively notify the maintenance contractor within minutes via our Alert System and assist in the troubleshooting process if needed.
Gain access to unique enabling EVSE equipment - AmpedUp! offers special ancillary equipment that provides an upsell opportunity and enables EVSE installation for certain segments that may not be attainable otherwise. For example, the AmpedUp! evPayMatetm kiosk payment device allows charger installs in public locations where states require anonymous authentication (no mobile app).

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