Your EV Driver Tenants and Condo
Owners are Growing...
EV charging solutions for property owners of apartments and condos
Provide them with a Convenient
Trouble-free Charging Solution
EV charging solutions for property owners of apartments and condos

Get AmpedUp! EV charging for Apartments and Condos

AmpedUp! Networks will consult you on the most appropriate charging infrastructure, pricing model, and features for your tenants and condo owners. We work with HOAs and property management companies of all sizes to conveniently solve your electric vehicle charging station needs.

Benefits of EV Chargers for Apartments and Condos

Advance your property into the future with EV charging:
Satisfy charging needs of your EV driver MUD residents
Attract new EV drivers to the property
Gain a new profit center from EV charging revenues
Increase property value
Comply with impending state and city regulations
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Accommodate Assigned or Shared Parking Spots

Whether your property has assigned or shared parking, AmpedUp! has the right solution for your EV driver residents.
Assigned Resident Parking
Assigned EV chargers are perfect for parking spots with deeded rights and exclusive use.
assigned parking spot ev charging
Assigned Charging Stations - Charging stations can be assigned to one or more residents
Hassle-free Scheduled Charging - Residents can set scheduled charging during certain hours
Convenient RFID Tag Charging - With the swipe of an assigned RFID tag, residents can start a charging session
Amazon Alexa Control - A resident can start, schedule, or check the status of a charging session with simple voice commands
SMS and Email Reminders - Residents can setup to receive reminders to plug in their vehicle
Shared Resident Parking
Shared EV chargers are perfect for parking spots that are for all residents and public use.
shared parking spot ev charging
Memberships Charging - Set discounted pricing for residents vs visitor charging
Optimize Charging Times - Set charging availability for certain times of the day to take advantage of better utility rates
Set Session Time Limits - Ensure availability of the chargers
Coupons for Visitors - Provide discounted charging rates via coupons to visitors
Idle Fees - Ensure drivers move their vehicle or be charged idle fees
Wait List - Residents can get in a wait queue during busy charge times
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