Most EV drivers charge where they sleep or work...
level 2 ev charging for apartments
Level 2 charging is the solution
Level 2 ev charging for the workplace

Level 2 charging solutions are ideal for long dwell time locations

Studies show about 85% of all EV charging is done at extended stay locations such as where you sleep or work. Level 2 charging solutions are best from a usage, infrastructure, and cost perspective.

Is your Level 2 property listed here?

Level 2 charging is mostly for high dwell time (2+ hrs) locations such as:
Entertainment Venues
Apartments and Condos (MUDs)
Parking Lots & Garages
Small Businesses
Level 2 charging for colleges, apartments, entertainment, hospitals, condos, workplace, hotels, parking garages

How Long Do People Stay at Your Property?

Determine what type of Level 2 charger is needed based on how long the driver stays at your location.

Which Level 2 charger type is right for your property?

Today's vehicles charge at an average rate of 3.5-4 miles per kWh added. Typically, EV drivers do not let the battery drain below 30-60 miles of range, thus a “sweet spot” for a charge is about 150 miles to maintain a “full charge.” The chart below displays the “sweet spot” in blue for each charger type.

EVCC Raspberry Pi Controller
Miles Added Based on Charger Output

Also consider that faster charging tends to yield higher revenue for the charging station host particularly if the rate is based on an amount per kWh. EV drivers will keep the vehicle charging until either the charge is full, or they need to leave, whichever comes first.

Another consideration regarding AC charging is that most EVs today have a maximum AC charge rate of between 32A to 48A. All Tesla brand EVs have 48A or greater on-board AC charging. Higher-end EV’s tend to have higher charging rates. In addition, the charger’s maximum output will depend on single phase (residential) or three phase (commercial) electrical service. Single phase voltage (240v) will provide higher kW output while three phase voltage (208) will reduce the charger’s capacity by 13%.

Future-proof Hardware

Now you can confidently select from the most appropriate EVSE equipment that fits your budget and functionality needs. Furthermore, because AmpedUp's platform and controllers use open source, widely accepted communication protocols, you can rest assured it will work with new equipment you may need down the road.

Get an AmpedUp! Level 2 Charging Solution

Below are some of the Level 2 chargers that we support - each with their own unique benefits.
Atom Power Single or Dual Port Chargers
Atom Power with its Centralized Smart Panel System revolutionizes the EVSE making it more cost-effective, both in equipment and installation, than any EV charging solution available on the market today. Built with solid-state breaker technology, it improves electrical safety and reduces the risk of costly damage and repairs thanks to its unique panel-based design.
UL Certification Logo
Dual or Single Port
Pedestal or Wall mount
Single or Three Phase
BTC Power 40amp, dual port ev charger
BTC Power Single or Dual Port Chargers
BTC Power is a US-based EVSE provider that has been supplying reliable charging stations since 2011. These rugged AC Level 2 units support from 32A (7.2kW) to 70A (16.8 kW) output. They are best suited for heavy use, public areas. They feature a 7 inch display, RFID/NFC scanning, built-in cable management, Ethernet or cellular connectivity, and easy access for technicians.
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Dual or Single Port
Pedestal or Wall mount
Single or Three Phase
Wallbox Single Port Chargers
Wallbox Pulsar Plus (40 or 48Amp) offers an economical, robust, compact size and a powerful performance for faster electric vehicle charging. Designed for easy installation, Pulsar Plus can charge any electric car on the market and is future-ready to handle tomorrow’s more powerful EV batteries.

See our Wallbox dedicated site and learn the ins-and-outs of everything Wallbox and AmpedUp!.
UL Certification LogoFCC certified ratiing
Single Port
Pedestal or Wall mount
Single or Three Phase
Siemens Single Port Chargers
Siemens VersiCharge chargers have stood for superior quality, ruggedness, and proven technology for more than a decade and have reliably provided millions of charges to EV drivers worldwide. The new third generation VersiCharge AC charger is continuing this tradition with numerous groundbreaking enhancements, a fresh and appealing design, and up to 11.5 kW of AC charging power. It also provides various communication options, including the option to establish a parent-child configuration.
UL Certification LogoFCC certified ratiing
40A, 48A
Single Port
Pedestal or Wall mount
Single Phase
Inteset evSmartPlug ev charging solution
Inteset Technologies Dual Port EVCC evSmartPlug with AmpedUp! Inside
Inteset Technologies, an online seller of electric vehicle chargers and accessories, has created a unique offering that showcases the AmpedUp! Inside and EVCC technology. The EVCC evSmartPlug™ is designed for property owners looking to reduce upfront infrastructure costs and long term maintenance expenses while still offering fee-based EV charging. The evSmartPlug™ provides a dual port 40amp ev charging solution for EV drivers that use their own portable chargers.
pending safety certification
Dual Port
Pedestal or Wall mount
Single Phase
Phillips and Temro 32amp EVOCharge EV charging station
Phillips & Temro Single Port Chargers
Phillips & Temro is a 100 year old engineering company. Their EVOCHARGE EVSEi 32A chargers have a compact modern design perfectly suited for MUDs. These units support WiFi, Ethernet, and RFID/NFC scanning ability and are a breeze to install and configure.
UL Certification Logo
Single Port
Pedestal or Wall mount
Single Phase
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