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No risk. Free to subscribe.
10% of session amt
9.95 / port / mo
Custom pricing
No of Charger Ports Per Plan
No of Locations
No of Memberships
Charger Availability Policy
Pricing Policies
one pricing policy
per kWh or per time
up to two pricing policies
per kWh or per time
unlimited pricing policies per kWh, per time, fixed amt/charge, max time
Pricing Policy Schedules
PlugShare Network
Access Control
mobile app
mobile app, RFID/NFC
mobile app, RFID/NFC, keypad,
credit card, contactless payment
Monitor Charging Stations
Remote Control
mobile app, website,
Alexa, Google Assistant
mobile app, website
mobile app, website
Limit Charging Session Periods
scheduled times only
scheduled times only
scheduled, automated (grid-controlled)
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Assess Idle Fees
Assess High Volume Idle Fees
System User Roles
Administrator, Manager, Customer Service, Technician
Power Management
Grid-based Power Management
Charging Session Reservations
Charging Session Wait Listing
Custom Branding
* Note: All subscription levels assess a 10.5% merchant processing fee on charging session income in addition to subscription fees.
"EV sales are growing at their fastest pace ever, with one million vehicles sold every 6 months globally" - Bloomberg NEF
"By 2025, 25% of all vehicles sold will be electric - 52% by 2030" - KPMG Poll
Consumers are purchasing hybrid (HEV’s) and pure electric vehicles (BEVs) at record pace. EV buying choices, pricing, performance, capability, and charging infrastructure are more compelling than ever.

As an entity that provides extended stay parking, your EV drivers need vehicle charging options. You can improve the attractiveness and competitive advantage of your establishment by providing a cost effective and convenient charging station solution from AmpedUp! Networks.
We are a full services, high quality, low cost solution provider with a focus on flexibility, future-proof hardware, and a SaaS-based management platform that ties it all together. We have innovative solutions specifically designed to save you money while providing high reliability. With our Cloud Management Platform, you can manage your charging stations exactly the way you need. Our solutions allow you to leverage the electrical and other systems you already have in place without sacrificing the charging infrastructure capability you need.

The AmpedUp! Cloud Management Platform

As an AmpedUp! customer, you have access to one of the most robust SaaS charging station management platforms available. Our system will keep you in complete control.
  • Create a Profit Center Choose from 3 different subscription levels (Share, Small Biz, Enterprise) appealing to all business types
  • Assess Fees for Charger Usage Defining a pricing policy per charger. Define policies for different times of the week and/or day
  • Provide a Free, Full Featured Mobile App From the Apple and Android app stores, customers can download an intuitive, full-featured EV driver app to locate chargers or start a session
  • Allow Charge Session Queuing Using the EV Driver app, customers can get in a queue during busy charge times then get notified when it’s their turn
  • Create Memberships Define memberships and coupons and offer customers discounts on their charging
  • Allow Charging Session Reservations For a fee, customers can reserve a time period to charge their vehicle to ensure availability
  • Limit Charging Session Period Set a fixed time period customers are able to charge to ensure availability
  • Assess Idle Use Fees Encourage customers to move their vehicle upon session completion by assessing idle fees if they remain
  • Apply Advanced Power Management Throttle power output of chargers or groups of chargers based on the day, time of day, usage, and other sophisticated algorithms
  • Facilitate Grid-based Power Management Work with utility companies and receive better rates by allowing them to throttle charger output on demand
  • Remote Control Control any charging station remotely to help customers if needed
  • Monitor Charging Stations View real-time status reports and receive trouble alerts to ensure your chargers are always operational
  • Generate Meaningful Reporting View, analyze and export session, energy, and revenue information
  • Display Custom Branding Display your brand, and other custom info within the EV Driver app

AmpedUp! Networks Subscription Products

From households to small businesses to large enterprises and government, AmpedUp! Networks has a revenue generating solution that fits everyone.
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AmpedUp! - Share
No risk. FREE to subscribe. 10% of session amount
Homeowners can help fellow EV drivers and generate revenue. By subscribing to a free AmpedUp! Share account, you can offer your charger to the public and earn income. When an EV driver in the area requires a charge, They can find your charger via the AmpedUp! Networks mobile app, or other popular charging apps. You’ll be able to offer charging for free or set a fee that you define. Income earned goes directly to your bank account at the end of each month.
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AmpedUp! - Small Biz
$9.95 / port / mo
For small businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, strip malls, bed & breakfasts, Airbnbs, small offices, fitness clubs, salons, libraries, and others. This can provide a profitable EV charging service while customers spend time away from their vehicle. Make your business more attractive by offering those with EVs a convenient place to charge.
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AmpedUp! - Enterprise
Custom Pricing
Property owners of apartment and condo complexes, large businesses, movie theaters, theme parks, hotels, hospitals, colleges and universities, parking garages, rental car companies, fleet, government entities, and others requiring extended stay participants, can subscribe to an AmpedUp! - Enterprise plan and receive the full benefits of the AmpedUp! Networks platform including unlimited charging stations and fixed pricing.
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* Note: All subscription levels assess a 10.5% merchant processing fee on charging session income in addition to subscription fees.
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AmpedUp! Networks is not just about a great management platform...

We do not produce charging devices and thus, do not lock you into expensive proprietary hardware. Instead, we cater to electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturers (EVSEs), offering low cost controller technology (called EVCCs) that allow their devices to communicate with our cloud management platform. This versatility is what makes your array of hardware choice possible.
Industries Benefiting from Charging Stations
Industries serviced by AmpedUp! Networks that necessitate the need for charging station infrastructure:
City & Government
Police Departments
Fire Departments
Public Libraries
Street Parking
Municipal Parking Lots
Shopping Plazas
Air B&Bs
Multi Unit Dwellings (MUDs)
Parking Garages and Public Parking Lots
Educational Institutions
K-12 Schools
Highway Rest Areas
Entertainment Venues
Theme Parks
Transportation Hubs
Bus Terminals
Energy Companies
Electric Utility Companies
Fleet Operators
Parcel delivery services
Vehicle rental companies
Taxi services
Public utilities
Ride share services
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