Level 3
Quick in-and-out EV charging
Quick in-and-out ev charging with DCFC ev chargers

Level 3 EV charging solutions are ideal for short stay locations

Although most EV drivers charge at home on a slow charge, quick charging is needed at times, particularly on longer road trips or when pressed for time. Level 3 charging is the answer.

Is your Level 3 property listed here?

Level 3 charging is mostly for low dwell time locations (1 hour or less) such as:
Travel Plazas (express corridors)
Fleet (buses, last mile trucks, vans)
Retail (supermarkets, malls)
Convenience Stores (c-stores)
Public Areas (parks, beaches, attractions, etc)
Level 3 fast DCFC ev charging at supermarkets, convenience stores (c-stores), fleet, retail, travel plazas, public areas

How Long Do People Stay at Your Property?

Determine what type of Level 3 charger is needed based on how long the driver stays at your location.

Which Level 3 charger type is right for your property?

Today's vehicles charge at an average rate of 3.5-4 miles per kWh added. Typically, EV drivers do not let the battery drain below 30-60 miles of range, thus a “sweet spot” for a charge is about 150 miles to maintain a “full charge.” The chart below displays the “sweet spot” in blue for each Level 3 charger type.

EVCC Raspberry Pi Controller
Miles Added Based on Charger Output

The following are some considerations when DC fast charging. EV drivers are accustom to paying a bit more for the convenience of a faster charge. DC charging is faster because of high power output and, unlike Level 2 AC charging, there is no AC to DC conversion needed (EV batteries use DC power). For better battery efficiency and longevity reasons, the vehicle will manage charging at a faster pace when the battery has less than an 80% charge. In addition, the charger’s maximum output will depend on how much energy (kWs) the particular EV can accept. See the chart below to understand the differences on some popular EVs.

Electric vehicle DCFC charging rates table
Vehicle Peak DC Charging Rates - 2019-20

Get an AmpedUp! Level 3 Charging Solution

We don’t lock you into a particular hardware solution because not all Level 3 hardware is alike. Below are the Level 3 chargers that we support - each with their own unique benefits.
Wallbox - Supernova 60-18kW All-in-One DC Fast Charger
The Wallbox Supernova 60-180kW is an all-in-one air cooled configuration with a 10in touchscreen. It's split charge capability delivers half the capacity of kW per outlet when two EVs are connected. This increases utilization as simultaneous sessions can start. Power increases to full kW capacity to one car when the second one unplugs. The unit can be installed against a back wall. Considering also its slim design, it adapts perfectly to locations with very limited space.
FCC certified ratiing
Combination of 2 CHAdeMO or
CCS connectors
Single Unit, Aircooled
3 Phase,
150-500 VDC
Tritium 50kW slim DCFC ev charger
Tritium 50kW DC Fast Charger (Veefil-RT)
An Australia-based company, Tritium was founded in 2001. The Veefil-RT has the world’s smallest footprint for an electric vehicle fast charger, offering owners greater flexibility in the choice of installation locations. The unit is liquid cooled which controls heat and reduces wear on internal components. The customisable front and rear decals of the Veefil-RT offer a powerful branding and communication opportunity. Tritium offers a 3 year limited warranty.
CE safety certification logoUL Certification LogoFCC certified ratiing
1 CHAdeMO,
1 CCS connectors
Single Unit, Liquid cooled
3 Phase,
50-500 VDC
BTC Power - GEN4 180 kW All-in-One (AiO) DC Fast Charger (L3S-180)
BTC Power is a US-based EVSE provider that has been supplying reliable charging stations since 2011. This 120-180kW DC Level 3 unit supports up to 180kW of DC charging. The all-in-one system has plenty of space for displaying your logo with elegant LED lighting. The 15 inch touch screen offers both custom advertising and easy EV driver authentication. An RFID/NFC receiver also allows easy access to simultaneous charging using either the CHAdeMO or CCS connector. Can charge 80% of the EV battery in 10-15 minutes. NEVI compliant.
FCC certified ratiing
500A, 120-180kW
Combination of 2 CHAdeMO or
CCS connectors
Single Unit, liquid cooled
3 Phase,
200 – 920 VDC
BTC Power - Gen2 200-350 Amp Dispenser / Gen4 180-360kW Power Cabinet
This dual component configuration offers an elegant dispenser unit acting as the interface to the EV driver charging experience coupled with the separate power box system. The dispenser provides both CHAdeMO and CCS type connectors, a touch screen and RFID/NFC reader for quick EV driver authentication. The benefits of the two component system is that the output can be expanded at a later time if needed by adding an additional power box module. NEVI Compliant configurations available.
FCC certified ratiing
Combination of 2 CHAdeMO or
CCS connectors
Dispenser + Power Cabinet
3 Phase,
200-950 VDC
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