AmpedUp! Aligns with Leading EVSEs, Organizations, and Utilities

Putting forth a BIG SHOUT OUT to all of our extremely valued partners!

We know we can’t do it all ourselves, so AmpedUp! Networks aligns itself with top-tier partners. Working closely with each of our strategically selected partners makes for leading edge products and services and very happy EV driver and host customers.

EVSE Manufacturers

Our growing list of EVSE partners gives our host customers the flexibility in their charging station hardware needs.
There are many high-quality manufactures available, each with their own unique offerings. Because we offer this variety, our customers are not tied down to a specific hardware set providing both future-proofing and optimal equipment for their needs. Each of our partners are vetted for tried-and-true hardware and OCPP compliance so EV drivers and hosts have the best experience.


EV industry communication standards are what makes interoperability with a vast array of technologies more efficient allowing wide-spread adoption.
Open Charge Alliance (OCA)
The open charge alliance provides the industry standard charge point operator to charger communication protocol called Open Charge Point Protocol or OCPP. Now in its second major release, OCPP is what allows AmpedUp! Networks to offer such hardware flexibility to its host customers. Our back-end can communicate reliably with any OCPP compliant EVSE provider.
OpenADR provides a common protocol between high voltage equipment and electric utility companies allowing them to gain usage insight and control of the hardware. Control is facilitated through the use of “Smart Grid,” Demand/Response communication. Utilities need this control in order to manage the use of the Grid particularly during high usage periods. Equipment qualifying the list is broad, but includes EV charging stations. In many instances, substantial, cost-cutting discounts are provided by the utility company to those owners that allow control over their equipment. AmpedUp! Networks will work with charging station host customers and their utility provider’s to ensure available programs are taken advantage of.
OpenEVSE supplies EVSE manufacturers and DIY’ers with a cutting-edge charging station controller module enabling fast development and the promotion of Level 2, AC charging stations. AmpedUp! Inside firmware works seamlessly with the OpenEVSE controller component allowing advanced OCPP control of any charging station using the module.


Utility companies are an integral part of EV adoption and supporting charging station infrastructure.
The worlds suppliers of electricity have a vested interest in electric vehicle adoption and the need for proper charging infrastructure. Many are encouraging customer acceptance by offering significant price discounts and infrastructure installation cost assistance. AmpedUp! Networks works with utility companies to ensure customers take full advantage of these incentive programs and their associated hardware communication requirements.
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