AmpedUp! - Share
for homeowners

Share your charger with the world...
Homeowners can help fellow EV drivers and generate revenue using their AmpedUp! Inside™ qualified charger. By subscribing to a free AmpedUp! - Share account, you can share your charger with the public and earn money. When an EV driver in the area requires a charge, they can find your charger via the AmpedUp! Networks EV Driver mobile app, or by using the PlugShare app, a popular nationwide charger location and information guide. You’ll be able to offer charging for free or set a fee that you define. Money earned goes directly to your bank account at the end of each month.

How to Get Started

Purchase an AmpedUp! Inside™ Qualified Charger
See our list of charger manufacturers that participate in the AmpedUp! Inside™ program.
Install the Charger
Install the charger in a location that is convenient for the EV driver to use and does not block access to your home. The charger must be in the range of your home’s WiFi network. Speak to your favorite licensed electrician to perform the installation. The electrician will request the charger documentation and a visit to your home to analyze the scope of work to be performed. You may also need to consult your favorite home network technician to ensure there is a strong WiFi signal to your charger.
Configure the Charger
Using the AmpedUp! CSO mobile app, follow the instructions to set up an AmpedUp! - Share account and configure your charger. You’ll be able to define a pricing policy based on either kWhs added or a fixed per hour rate.
Earn Money from Sharing Your Charger
You don’t need to do anything. EV drivers will use their AmpedUp! app to unlock your charger and will be assessed the rate you defined for their charging session. You’ll receive the earnings from the charging sessions at the end of each month. See the chart below to view your revenue potential.

How Much Can You Earn

The chart below will help you determine how much money you can earn through the AmpedUp! - Share program.
Session Time or kWhs Added per Day
Earnings per Day
Subscription Fee (10%)
Earnings per Month
$3.00 per hr
$1.50 per hr
$.25 per kWh
40 kWhs
$.35 per kWh
20 kWhs
* Note: All subscription levels assess a 10.5% merchant processing fee on charging session income in addition to subscription fees.

AmpedUp! - Share FAQs

What should I charge for charging session fees?
A reasonable rate would be double your cost depending on how many public charging stations are in your area. In general, the more stations available, the lower your cost should be so you can attract more customers.

Example: Check your electric utility bill for the per kWh rate the company charges you. The national average is $.12 per kWh. Then, double that rate for your Share customers. So, say your grid rate is $.12/kWh and you bill $.24/kWh. If your customer added 40 kWhs of charge, they would pay $9.60.
Can I have more than one charger if I have an AmpedUp! Share subscription?
Yes! You can install as many chargers (AmpedUp! Inside or otherwise) as your service panel supports (check with your electrician). However, only one charger can be designated for AmpedUp! - Share usage at a time. You can switch which of your chargers is designated as the AmpedUp! - Share charger at any time using the mobile app.
Can I use my AmpedUp! - Share designated charger for my personal EV charging?
Yes! Your AmpedUp! account allows you to gain free access to charge. You will need to start the charger using the AmpedUp! mobile app.
I’m I charged if I use my own AmpedUp! - Share charger?
No, definitely not. AmpedUp! Networks will not bill you for any services when using your own AmpedUp! - Share charger. Note that your electric utility company will bill you for the electricity used at your normal billing rate.
How can I advertise my charging station?
When you register your charger with the AmpedUp! - Share plan, your charger characteristics and location information will be submitted to the nation-wide PlugShare app. If a driver is in your area and needs a charge, you’re station and its information will be visible to the them.
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