AmpedUp! - Small Biz
for small businesses

Provide convenient EV charging
for your customers and employees...
By subscribing to an AmpedUp! - Small Biz plan, small businesses such as restaurants, strip malls, bed & breakfasts, Airbnb homes, small offices, fitness clubs, salons, libraries, and others can provide a profitable EV charging service while employees and customers spend time away from their vehicle. Make your business more attractive by offering those with EVs a convenient place to charge.
What charger is right for you...

How to Get Started

Purchase AmpedUp! Inside™ Qualified Chargers
See our list of charger manufacturers that participate in the AmpedUp! Inside™ program. The recommended amperage for the charger is 32 amps or higher. You also may need a pedestal for the chargers. Consult the charger manufacture (EVSE) on recommended pedestals. Most EVSEs also sell compatible pedestals.
Install the Chargers
Install the chargers in a location that is convenient for the EV driver to use. It is common practice to divide a charger among two designated “for electric vehicles only” parking spots displaying appropriate signage. The chargers must be in the range of your business WiFi network. Speak to your favorite licensed electrician to complete the installation. Or, AmpedUp! Networks can recommend one for you. You may also need to hire a contractor to perform site work and install a charger pedestal.
Configure the Chargers
Using the AmpedUp! mobile app, follow the simple instructions to configure your chargers and set up an AmpedUp! - Small Biz account. You’ll be able to define up to two pricing policies based on either kWhs added or a fixed per hour rate. If you charge a fee for use, you’ll receive the earnings from charging sessions at the end of each month.
Publicize and Earn
Be sure to notify customers of your new EV charging stations via email, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc. EV drivers can also use the PlugShare or AmpedUp! app to find your stations. Earn revenue on every charging session.

How Much Can You Earn

The chart below will help you determine how much money you can earn through the AmpedUp! - Small Biz program.
No of Chargers
Total Charger Use or kWhs Added per Month
Income per Month
Subscription Fees: $9.95/port/mo
Earnings per Month
240 hrs
270 hrs
2400 kWhs
1500 kWhs
* Note: All subscription levels assess a 10.5% merchant processing fee on charging session income in addition to subscription fees.

AmpedUp! - Small Biz FAQs

Can I use my AmpedUp! Small Biz designated charger for my personal EV charging?
Yes! Your AmpedUp! account allows you to gain free access to charge automatically. You will need to start the charger using the AmpedUp! mobile app.
Can my employees have a different pricing policy than customers?
Yes. Since you can assign up to two pricing policies, you can assign one to your employees and one to customers. When the EV driver accesses the charger, the system will know which pricing policy to apply.
Can a I assess a fee for customer charging, but free for employee use?
Yes. A pricing policy can be set to “free”.
How much should I charge my customers charger use?
A reasonable rate would be double your cost depending on how many public charging stations are in your area. In general, the more stations available, the lower your cost should be so you can attract more customers.

Example: Check your electric utility bill for the per kWh rate the company charges you. The national average is $.12 per kWh. Then, double that rate for your customers. So, say your grid rate is $.12/kWh and you bill $.24/kWh. If your customer added 40 kWhs of charge, they would pay about $9.60.
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