App-less Public EV Charging is Here
evPayMatetm EV Charging Kiosk Payment System

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, so does the need for accessible and convenient charging options. One major challenge facing EV drivers is the need to use multiple apps to access and pay for charging on different EV charging networks. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is now available through a product manufactured by Inteset Technologies and offered exclusively by AmpedUp! Networks called evPayMatetm. This affordable kiosk device can control payments for up to 12 connected EV chargers at once through contactless payment methods that do not require an account or app. The device is perfect for public parking garages, curbside parking, hotel lots, campuses, and other public parking areas.

The evPayMate offers a range of benefits for both EV drivers and charging station operators. A significant benefit for EV drivers is the convenience and simplicity of being able to pay for charging without needing to download and use multiple apps. Instead, all that’s needed is for them to tap a credit card or mobile device with Apple or Google Pay on the kiosk and the charging session will start. In addition to the convenience, the evPayMate reduces confusion for EV drivers who may not be familiar with the specific app needed for a particular charging network.

Another benefit of the evPayMate particularly for station operators is that it qualifies for the requirements of many state incentive programs saving operators on infrastructure capital expenditures. For example, in California, the state's Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (C-PACE) and California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) both require that charging stations offer an app or account free payment option. Massachusetts (via MA-EVIP), North Carolina (via NCDEQ) and other states have similar incentive program requirements. The evPayMate helps charging station manufacturers (EVSEs) and operators satisfy those needs.

“We’re thrilled to be offering six Level 2 chargers for our employees and for the general public using the evPayMate”, says Tom Finagan, a Durham, NC business and property owner. “We can now provide our employees discounted EV charging membership pricing using the AmpedUp! EV Driver app while simultaneously providing an app-less experience for public drivers. This allows us to satisfy state incentive requirements and get a quicker return on our investment,” continues Finagan.

The evPayMatetm can also help to reduce the overall cost of charging infrastructure by eliminating the need for expensive all-in-one commercial charging station equipment. Instead, station operators can reduce costs by purchasing more basic EVSE equipment. For example, the Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger with AmpedUp! Insidetm offers professional capabilities at a consumer price - the evPayMate completes the commercial requirements by providing centralized payment and access control. The evPayMate has also been certified to work with chargers from Atom Power, BTC Power, EVSE-LLC, and Siemens Versicharge.

“By offering a convenient, centralized kiosk-based option, the evPayMate can help to improve the overall EV charging experience for drivers while also reducing costs for charging station operators,” says Jeff Lloyd, COO of AmpedUp! “We’re excited to be one of the first to offer such a solution,” continues Lloyd.

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