Open your products up to a whole new market...
AmpedUp! can Propel Your Charging Equipment to the Forefront
For years there has been great demand for EV chargers that simply power up the vehicle and nothing else - but this is changing rapidly. In order to stay competitive, electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturers (EVSEs) must update their products to fit the evolving needs of their customers.
Integrate AmpedUp! Inside™ into Your Charger Equipment
Bring your smart product to market quickly and reduce development costs. By integrating the AmpedUp! Inside™ firmware technology into your charging stations, you can offer your customers a “smart” charger for less. Your customers will have access to the full-featured, OCPP compliant AmpedUp! Networks Management Platform and its associated subscription options.

Integrate Super Smarts into Your Chargers

Open your products to a whole new market of potential customers!

What is AmpedUp! Inside™?

AmpedUp! Inside is firmware written for the Linux OS using the latest SDKs. AmpedUp! Inside allows your EVSE equipment to be controlled by an OCPP compliant back-end network provider such as AmpedUp! Networks.

EVCC Raspberry Pi Controller
EVCC Raspberry Pi Controller

It's optimized for speed and compatibility with a huge array of hardware components associated with EV charging stations such as displays, RFID/NFC scanners, LED lighting, cameras, proximity sensors, modbus power meters, serial-based EVSE controllers and more. AmpedUp! engineers can produce drivers for controlling this peripheral equipment to work on various SBCs such as "maker boards" like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

AmpedUp! Inside Firmware EV Driver UI
AmpedUp! Inside - Driver UI

AmpedUp! Inside firmware includes a full-featured EV Driver UI to output on displays and an administrative interface to help configure the charger. AmpedUp! Networks offers a reference design unit called an EV Charger Controller (EVCC) which incorporates much of the capabilities made possible using AmpedUp! Inside firmware.

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