Apartment or Condo Owner Letter to Property Manager Requesting EV Charging Stations

Send a Letter or Email to Your Property Manager

If you're a resident looking to purchase a new electric vehicle, but live at an apartment or condo without charging stations, send this request letter / email to your property manager.
Hi [HOA or Property Manager’s Name],

I hope your day is going well...

With all the new electric vehicles coming out, I am very interested in purchasing one as my next car; however, my decision is largely contingent upon your response to this inquiry. It’s important to have charging stations where you sleep as it takes up to 6 hours to charge an EV with the proper equipment. Supposedly, 85% of EV charging is done at home or the workplace.

I understand that providing charging stations to residents may sound like an expensive proposition, but after some further research, I’ve found that it is actually the opposite. First, depending on the location, there are various incentive programs that considerably reduce or even eliminate infrastructure costs. Second, having charging stations on the property will increase its value and attract other EV drivers to it. Check out this report I found on Consumer Reports that shows what's coming. Third, most property owners charge a fee to use the chargers which covers the cost of their use and even allows some profit.

For your convenience, I found a company called AmpedUp! Networks that specializes in EV charging station infrastructure for apartment buildings and condos. You can find their website at https://ampedup.net. They have some nice features in their EV driver app like Amazon Alexa control, RFID scanning, and charge scheduling that make charging really convenient. They have other sophisticated features as well. One, called “load balancing,” lets the property owner use the existing electrical infrastructure for the charging stations, thus drastically reducing upfront installation costs. AmpedUp! is less expensive than other providers too because they are not proprietary and work with many charging stations manufacturers. They also assist with taking advantage of incentive programs I mentioned.

Please let me know if you have any plans for EV charging on the property and what my next steps should be. I’m getting excited for my first EV!

Best regards,
[Your Name]
Unit: {Your Unit Number}
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