EV Charging with the evPayMate Payment Kiosk

Follow These Steps to Start Charging Quickly with the evPayMate Payment Kiosk

Want to simplify charging at AmpedUp! Networks charging stations? Use the evPayMate payment kiosk. Start charging with a quick scan - no app needed.

Start a Charging Session

Plug the charger connector into your vehicle.
Take note of the Port number displayed on the charger.
Locate and walk to the nearest payment kiosk.
Using the stainless steel buttons on the kiosk, navigate to the port number shown in the middle of the screen that matches the one you plugged into.
Using your mobile wallet app (ie: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc), EMV supported credit card, or barcode payment app (Venmo, PayPal, etc) scan the reader on the kiosk.

NOTE: Supported EMV credit cards will display a wireless symbol on it as shown below:
The reader will beep and the kiosk will display a message that it is "Starting a charging session...", then will display a charging status/receipt screen.

Get a Receipt

If you would like to see the status of your charging session while on-the-go, or obtain a receipt of the session transaction, scan the QR code on the screen.
To save the receipt for later reference, take a screenshot using your phones screenshot feature, or bookmark the webpage.
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