Add a New Charger

Follow These Steps to Add a New Charging Station

These instructions demonstrate how to add a new charger to the Chargers list of an AmpedUp! Networks charging station operator (CSO) account.

The following steps assume that:

  • The charger has previously been provisioned for use on the AmpedUp! Networks platform (see the installation and user guide of the charger for instructions)
  • The charger is physically installed, powered up, and connected to the Internet
  • For Enterprise Subscription accounts, the location and meter group of the charger must be defined prior to adding the new charger
  • The charger must not be assigned to a different CSO account

Add a New Charger

From the top menu, choose the Chargers link. You will see a list of chargers that belong to the CSO account. Press the Add New Charger button on the bottom of the page. The Add a Charger page will appear.
From here, if the charger is nearby, scan the charger ID QR code on the front of the unit, or enter its charger ID in the Charger ID field.

If this is a non-Enterprise Subscription account, skip to Step 6 below.
For Enterprise Subscriptions, you'll notice a Locations dropdown list. Choose the previously defined location where the charger exists.
Once the location is selected, choose the previously defined meter group (electrical service panel) from the Meter Group dropdown list.

NOTE: The meter group phase type designation must match that of the charger.
After selecting the meter group, choose the circuit breaker within the meter group on which the charger resides.

NOTE: The charger's maximum amperage rating should be 80% or less than the maximum load rating of the selected circuit breaker.

NOTE: More than one charger can be assigned to a single circuit breaker. If so, circuit breaker level load sharing must be configured on the chargers sharing the circuit breaker.
From here, press the Add Charger button to add the charger and return to the Chargers List page.

From there, you can configure and test the newly added charger.
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