Test a Newly Installed Charger

Follow These Steps to Test a Newly Installed EV Charger

The following steps will guide you, the technician, through testing a newly installed charging station configured for use on the AmpedUp! Networks platform.

The following steps assume that:

  • You've download the AmpedUp! CSO app from the Apple or Android App store
  • You've signed into the CSO app using a provided User Token (token provided by a CSO account administrator) - Note this is a one time procedure. Subsequent sign-ins will not require a token.
  • The charger has previously been provisioned for use on the AmpedUp! Networks platform (see the installation and user guide of the charger for instructions)
  • The charger has previously been added to a specific CSO account
  • The charger is physically installed, powered up, and has Internet connectivity

Find the Charger from the Chargers List

From the top menu, choose the Chargers link.
You will see a list of chargers that belong to the CSO account.
From the Filter by dropdown list, choose the Charger Name option. then enter the charger ID into the enter value... field. From there press the Search icon.

Notice the filtered charger in the list. Also notice the green status icon next to the charger information. The green icon indicates that the unit is connected to the back-end and is ready to charge.

If the status icon is grey, that indicates the charging station is offline. If it is off line, refer to the charging station installation manual and ensure that the unit is properly power on and that it has Internet connectivity.

Navigate to the Charger Controls Screen

Choose the ellipse icon to the left of the charger record. The Tools menu for the charger will be displayed.
Select the Charger Controls icon (looks like a battery). The Charger Controls screen will be displayed.

Start a Charging Session

If this is a multi-port charger, choose a port from the Port dropdown list that will be used to test a charging session.
Enter the the number of mile of range you'd like to add in the Desired Miles field.

Note: This value is only an estimate and is used for the purposes of setting an end to the charging session time. Enter more miles to charger for a longer period of time and fewer for a shorter period.
Plug the charger's connector into the electric vehicle or EV charger test device's charge port, then press the Start Now button.
The charger will begin to charge and the center Energy values will increase as the charging commences.

Also notice the Started, Elapsed and ETA values will appear once the session starts. When the session completes, a time stamp will appear in under the Finished label.

Note: The ETA value is only an approximation.

Start a Charging Session

You can view the Range added and Percentage added information by pressing on the center reading.
You can view the EV Driver and other vehicle information by choosing the Diagnostics button.

Note: This information is only complete and useful if an authenticated EV Driver started the charging session and wont be present if the session is started from this screen. This feature is primarily for customer service/support purposes.
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