to the AmpedUp! CSO App for the First Time

Follow These Steps to Download and Sign Into the AmpedUp! CSO App

These instructions show how to download and sign into the AmpedUp! Networks charging station operator (CSO) app for the first time for the purposes of administering, managing, and supporting charging stations.

The following steps assume that:

  • You possess a modern Apple or Android mobile device, or
  • You have access to a desktop browser

Download the AmpedUp! CSO App

With your desktop or mobile device's web browser, go to Here you will find the AmpedUp! Networks Sign In landing page. Choose the Charging Station Operator (CSO) app download link that's appropriate to your device. Or, choose the Sign In button to create a new account with your desktop browser and skip to Step 4.

Note: This is also the landing page for the EV driver to sign into or download the AmpedUp! EV Driver app.
In the Apple App or Google Play Store search for the AmpedUp! Networks CSO app and choose Get (Apple) or Install (Google) to install the app.

Once installed, launch the AmpedUp! CSO application.

Sign Into Your AmpedUp! CSO Account

You will be introduced to the CSO Greeting screen. From here, press the Sign-in button to proceed.
From the Sign-in screen, choose the Sign Up Now button to create a new CSO account.
From the Create New Account screen, populate the requested information and press the Create button.
You will be introduced to a screen requesting the type of new account you'd like to create.

If you received an email invitation to join a CSO account by a system administrator, enter the provided token under the Referred by a CSO section and press the Submit Token button. Skip to Step 7.

If you are the owner/manager of the charging station(s) and do not yet have a CSO account, press the Create CSO Account button.
The last step to creating a new account is to enter your company information. Press the Save button to compete the process.
You will be introduced to the home screen of the CSO app where you can add, configure, and manage your charging stations.

If you want to set up an AmpedUp! Subscription plan, go here.
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