EV Charging with an AmpedUp! RFID Access Card

Follow These Steps to Get Charging Quickly with an RFID Tag

Want to simplify charging at AmpedUp! Networks charging stations? Order an RFID access card in the AmpedUp! EV Driver app. Start charging with a quick swipe - no app will be needed.

The following steps will guide you through:
  • Ordering an AmpedUp! RFID Access Card (tag)
  • Registering your new Access Card
  • Using your access card at an AmpedUp! Networks charging station
    Look for the RFID symbol (see Step 2) on the charger (not all have RFID capability)
This guide assumes you've already downloaded and installed the EV Driver app from the relevant App Store.

Order the Access Card

Open the AmpedUp! EV Driver app and select the main menu icon in the top right corner. From there, choose the Access Cards option.
In the Charger Access Cards screen, press the Order Access Card button.
Fill in the the requested mailing address information. This information will be used to mail the RFID access card to your location.

Be sure to enter the number of access cards needed. Once complete, press the Order button on the top right side of the screen.

Once ordered, AmpedUp! will mail you an RFID tag. Expect to receive it within 5 business days.

Note: Address information is used for the purposes of mailing the access card and is not used for any marketing purposes and is not redistributed to any third-party service.

Activate the Received RFID Access Card (Tag)

Once you have received the RFID access card (or tag) from AmpedUp!, you must activate it (assign it to your account). To do this, return to the EV Driver app, Access Cards screen, then press the Activate Card button (plus sign) at the bottom right side of the screen.
Here, you can enter a nickname for the card, then enter the serial number marked on the access card in the Serial Number field. Press the Activate button to activate the card and return t0 the Access Cards screen. You will then see your newly added card which is ready to use.

Start the Charging Session

Now that you have your access card, it is suggested that you use the included lanyard to connect the tag to your wallet or keychain. You will need the card whenever you visit an AmpedUp! Networks charging station.

When you arrive at a station, first, plug the charger connector into your vehicle.
After plugging in, take your activated RFID tag and swipe it in the area of the charger signified by the RFID logo. The charger should immediately respond by authenticating with your AmpedUp! account and begin charging.

Note that during the charging session, the system will select the last vehicle that was charged on the account to calculate estimated completion time information in the EV Driver app and may not be accurate.
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