How to join an AmpedUp! Networks membership using the EV Driver Mobile App

Follow These Steps to Join an AmpedUp! Membership

To gain the discounted pricing benefits of an AmpedUp! Networks membership offered by one of our charging station hosts, follow the simple instructions below.

The following steps will guide you through:
  • Searching and finding a Public membership
  • Locating a Private membership
  • Joining the desired membership
This guide assumes you've already downloaded and installed the EV Driver app from the relevant App Store.

Find a Public Membership

Open the AmpedUp! EV Driver app and select the main menu icon in the top right corner. From there, choose the Membership option.
From the My Membership screen, choose Search Public button (plus sign).

For Private memberships, skip to Step 8.
Enter the membership's company name or code provided by the company supplying the membership in the search box, then press the Search button.
Once found, select the Join icon to view the option to join the membership.
Information regarding the membership will be displayed. Press the Join button to join the membership.
Most memberships require approval by the host. If this is the case, you will receive a notification when the membership is available to you. In the meantime, the membership will display in your Membership list with a "pending" status.
Once the membership is approved, you will receive a discount on charging session pricing for those chargers within the host's network that allow membership pricing.

Join a Private Membership

NOTE: In order for you to join a Private membership, you must first obtain the code from the host.

From the My Membership screen, choose Private Code button (plus sign).
Enter the private membership code provided to you by the host.
Once a valid code is entered, press the Locate button. If found, the membership will display in your My Memberships list and the membership discount will be available to any charger participating in the membership.
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