The Aeronaut - Charging Stations - 26 Ports Level 2 40Amp 8.3kW - 1400 Main St, Weymouth, MA 02190

Get AmpedUp! at The Aeronaut apartments charging stations. There are 26 x 40amp ports for you to choose from with a charge rate of 8.3kWh (about 30mi/hr).
First time charging? Click here for instructions.

Quick Snapshot

  • 26 x J-1772 Plug, Level 2, 40Amp/8.3kWh charge rate (30mi/hr)
  • $0.30/kWh Tenant Charging Only
  • RFID Access Available
Tenant Use Only - To get your membership, inquire here.
Assigned Charging Ports - Contact The Aeronaut management and inquire about getting a charging port assigned to your parking spot for your use only. Call: (781) 277-2773
Quick Access with RFID Scanning - If you're a member, it makes sense to get an RFID access tag. You can order one in the EV Driver app by choosing Access Cards in the menu. Click here for instructions.
Quick 40Amp Charging - Charge at 8.3kWh, faster than most public chargers. This rate can add as much as 35 mi/hr to your range.
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