Create Memberships for Your EV Driver Customers

Follow These Steps to Create a Membership

One of the primary features of the AmpedUp! Networks CSMS is the ability to charger EV drivers for charging sessions. AmpedUp! makes it simple by providing a flexible interface for defining the specific pricing rate, type, and schedule needed, then applying it to specific chargers.

NOTE: Not all described features are available for Share and Small Biz subscription types.

The following steps assume that you have:

Define a Discount

From the main navigation menu, choose Subscription, then Pricing Schedule. The Pricing Schedules screen will be displayed.
From the Pricing Schedules screen, choose the Add Pricing Schedule button to open the Add Pricing Schedule screen.
From here, you can apply a name, default rate, default idle fee, and the schedule of the pricing schedule.

Enter a pricing schedule name. Be sure to provide a name that allows easy identification of the schedule as it will be used later when applying the schedule to a charging station.

Define a Membership

From the main menu, select Chargers, then choose the charger to which you wish to apply a pricing schedule. The Edit Charger screen will be displayed.
From the Edit Charger screen, enable the Pricing Schedule option, then choose a pre-defined pricing schedule from the list.

Press the Save button to save the adjustments.
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